Thursday, November 30, 2006

Running Pup-part 2

This morning was my second attempt at running with the running pup. I had woken up late, but really needed to get in a run no matter how short. I’m starting my training for the National Marathon but starting it slow since I haven’t been running much lately. I did 2 miles with the running pup around my neighborhood and watched the sunrise. I’m not normally a morning runner, but it’s so nice out -- high of 67 on November 30th?!?! -- you can’t beat it. I had to remember to wear a light color shirt and my reflect-o belt since I was running along the sidewalk and crossing some streets. Safety first.

Even though the running pup is about 50 pounds at 5 1/2 months he is a big scaredy cat. We were running along the road and would try to hide behind me whenever a big truck or bus would go by. He was much better this time about not coming to a screeching halt to sniff something. He did sniff along to way and pick up sticks. He wasn't wanting to run as fast as me the first mile out but the second mile he must have hit his stride because he looked up at my and took the leash in his mouth as to play tug with me. He also started running really fast. MUCH faster than I had been running before. So now I know he was holding back on me! Some running with dogs tips

Saturday is my first "long run": 6 miles...not so bad.

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