Tuesday, November 07, 2006

See Lance run

I'm back online...sorry for the brief disappearance...I have lots to blog about post Marine Corps, but this article in the New York Times about Lance Armstong's first marathon makes me so happy.

Lance Armstrong is a physical phenom and for him to say that running a marathon was "the hardest physical thing" he's ever done was just awesome. It made me feel that much more hardcore for doing five. I hope that this doesn't scare off other runners who would like to do a marathon one day, because Lance admits that he didn't train well enough for the race - his longest run was only 16 miles! I love how he touches on "not hitting the wall" and mental strength it takes to get through aches and pains. I agree that after a certain point it's all mind over matter...or body.

A lot of what Lance went through reminded me of my own race just over a week ago...though I was a bit slower and didn't have marathon champions and Olympic medalists pacing me :-)
This has sparked an interested to run the NY marathon next year though...

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