Friday, December 01, 2006

Next race

I'll be running the 2006 Jingle All the Way 10k next week with some friends. It's good to get into another race and it'll also be a good benchmark for my National Marathon training. The course runs along Hains Point and is a very popular 10k route. And actually when I went to go download this picture the file was saved as "vet day course03". I actually had a PR in that "Veterans Day 10k" in 2003! Don't know if that will happen again this time.

This race used to be organized by the Arthritis Foundation, but they must have given it up to this other company. I've actually be registered for it twice before, but didn't go out because both mornings I woke up to either 35 degrees and rain or a sleet/snow mix. Basically not ideal running weather. I hate signing up for a race and then not doing it, but sometimes you just need to know when to say when.

I like running this route as a weekday run, but you can't do it during the winter months because the park closes at dark. Another downfall to this course is the wind. About halfway down the point it picks up and it never seems to help you one way or another because it's just cutting across horizontally!
It'll be interesting to revisit the spot where the toe broke, around mile marker 2 on this map. Hopefully nothing will break this time around!

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