Sunday, December 31, 2006

No resolutions just yet

I had to do my 10 miler on my own since Chels was on-call and Jo wasn't in town for a run. There's just something about running that long and having your own thoughts bouncing around in your head. Some folks love the solitude of running, I don't at all. I'm a social runner. If I'm left alone in my head too long I start to think about how my shins hurt or my foot feels funny or worse I don't really have to do the full 10 miles. So what I was planning to do was the first 6 miles on my own, 3 out and back, and then back to the truck to get running pup to do the last 4 miles. I ended up doing 7 miles on my own at a pretty good speed and then the last 3 miles with the pup.

The strange thing that I noticed, was that while it was a GORGEOUS Sunday morning, hardly anyone was out on the trail. It must have been that they were waiting until New Year's Day to start their workout resolutions. But it felt good to do my 10 miles and still feel good the rest of the day.

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