Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Long Run"

So I'm back in the saddle for long runs! And 6 miles sure felt like a long run. It's finally cold again and of course I'm coming down with a cold so breathing in the cold air doesn't feel so great. I met up with my old running buddy, Jo, and we ran a good 6 mile course along the GW Parkway trail. We ran from a little before the 11 mile marker at Oronoco Bay park to the 14 mile marker just at the airport. It was very sunny but a bit breezy. I wore my Hind ponytail headband to keep my ears warm but I seem to have lost all of my pairs of stretchy running gloves.

Thankfully we kept around a 9:45 pace so I know I'm not too out of shape! I definitely need to break out the real winter running gear, it's supposed to get COLD this week.

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