Friday, October 13, 2006

On your marks, get set, go!

So here I go with this "blog" thing. Actually I did something similar a few years ago when I trained for my first marathon and I wanted to keep my friends updated on my progress (please pardon the lack of tech savvy). But that was more of an exercise on my part to keep me accountable and to stick with the training. Nearly four years later I can officially say that I love running and want to keep doing it for the rest of my life.

I don't by any stretch of the word consider myself a "super runner". I just enjoy getting out there and being social and accomplishing the goal of training for and finishing a race; it's addictive.

My goal is to turn this blog into a clearing house of information for new and old runners alike. Rate different running shoes, trails in the DC area, races, gu flavors (my personal favorite is Power Bar: Tangerine double caffeine!), etc. I also hope to be able to inspire those who have a jogging habit of one or two miles a couple of times a week (or those who still think running is a four-letter word) to take the next step and run a 10K, 10-miler, half-marathon or marathon!

A bit of explanation on the title of this blog: it's all my husband's fault :-) When he and I first started dating in 2004 he nicknamed me "Running Babe" because I had run a marathon and made our first date a "running date". I thought it was a safe way to get to know a guy, he thought it was a qualifying run. Needless to say he kept up (aka he kicked my butt) and I married him a year later.

So here I go into the wild blue yonder of the blogosphere....

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Kristina said...

I ran my first race because of Jewels- The ARMY TEN MILER! YEAH!

Thanks for all the inspiration Running Babe!