Sunday, October 15, 2006


So I promised myself before I even started this that I would post even if I didn't have a spectacular run. Well yesterday was far from spectacular.

I had just gone to my chiropractor/sports medicine doc, Dr. Kathy, on Friday and she had given me a really painful (yet good) shin and calf massage. Besides a tiny bit or soreness in my right knee the only other pain I've felt in my training was tightness in my shin area...but I didn't think that they were shin splints (here's another good shin splint definition) because I have good shoes and stretch often...usually. Dr. Kathy said that my shins was extra tight and sore this week from the marathon, but if I want to do Marine Corps in two weeks I need to ice my shins every day and be much better about cross-training. She also scolded me for doing two marathons in one month. (There are many schools of thought on this one)

Needless to say, I went out the next morning with my running buddy, Jo, for the last 12 miles of her big 24 mile run. It was about 60 degrees and sunny - perfect running weather. But about a mile and a half in my shins felt so tight I thought my legs would give out on me. Normally I would run through it and the tightness would eventually give way by about mile three, but I decided it was more important to run the marathon than a short training run. So I stopped, walked back to my car and drove out to give Jo gatorade. I ended up being able to wrap my leg with an ace bandage and was able to run the last mile with her. The compression helps hold the tendons close to the bone and makes it feel a bit better.

So a little blow to the ego to only do 5 miles when I had intended to run 12, especially this close to a race, but it's all a part of learning to listen to my body and run SMART.

My next marathon I plan on investing in some orthotics to help correct my over-pronation and cute little flat feet.

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Kristina said...

I remember the first time the wonderful people at Pacers told me I over-pronated. I had no idea what they were telling me, and I thought it was something you could stop, like - you know- stop pumping your arms from side to side when you run or something. Once they told me what it was, I kind of felt all bashful. I don't know why, but I have shy feet. They get me into enough trouble (slow, clumsy, enormous), now they over-pronate??? So I bought a fabulous pair of Sauconys that I will love forever (even though they told me to get a 1/2 size too big (see enormous feet insecurities) so I'd have more wiggle room).

Good luck with the orthotics, Julie. And I hope your leg feels better. I can't wait to check back here to see how it goes with the running coach (and the cross training, now that I think about it).