Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I hate treadmills. But sometimes they are a necessary evil. I started training for my first marathon during the winter of 2003 and we couldn't do our first group long run on the local trails because they were still covered with the snow from the "Blizzard of '03". For the following three weeks the temps didn't get up above freezing and my neighborhood sidewalks were still covered with mountains of snow from the snowplows. I had to do my two firs two long runs (6 and 8 miles) and regular weekday runs on a treadmill in my apartment complex's gym. I was BORED out of my brains, but at least I was running.

When the snow finally melted enough to get out I thought 3-4 miles would be pie since I had already done 8 miles on a treadmill. WRONG!!!! My body was screaming at me the entire time because it hadn't felt that kind of pounding on the joints before. Pavement = hard, treadmill = soft and squishy. Also the treadmill pulls you along so having to actually push my body along was a new feeling. I call it the "treadmill myth": running a mile on a treadmill is just like running a mile outside.

Yesterday was a necessary evil kind of day. I needed to get in a short run before my Tuesday night class and since I usually hit up the local Y for a workout; I figured I'd do a quick 2 miles on the treadmill there. Bad idea. I think my body remembers those three weeks in 2003 and just revolts at the sight of a treadmill because it was an awful 2 miles. Thankfully I had a good long stretch after the run because 2 miles is barely a warm up for me any more.

My co-worker loves working out and can do over an hour on a treadmill. I keep trying to get him out to do a couple of miles on the trails...he has yet to take me up on that offer. I think he knows the truth about treadmills and doesn't want to admit it. :-)

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