Saturday, January 27, 2007

Finally feeling like Janaury

Cranking up the miles with the Pacer's fun run marathon team. Our Tuesday/Thursday group has formed four teams to run the National Marathon so we're all on the same general path. I'm probably on the low end of the miles, but I also know that I don't need to do three 20+ milers this time around. Well, my real reason is to save the knees/feet/etc. Brian, the organizer plotted out a great point-to-point course along the Potomac. Some folks did the full 20, I only did 16. I felt a lot better after 16 than I did after 14 though. My knee was only slightly stiff at the very end, but my left foot was still a little sore through parts of the run, not pain, just sore.

Total miles: 16 miles

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