Saturday, January 13, 2007

Running alone

I know it's BAD to run with an ipod; you stop paying attention the world around you, you could trip, you could run into something, something could run into you or worse someone could take advantage of the fact that you can't hear them coming up on you. But that being said, my running buddy had to work again so I was set to do 12-14 miles on my I grabbed my ipod and turned on my eclectic "running mix" and hit the trail. There were a lot of folks out running too, but I've found that if I keep the music just soft enough that I can still hear my own footsteps I'm still somewhat aware of my own surroundings. Thankfully I ran into someone else who runs with Potomac Runners (who was out a little later like I was) and we ran the last 3 miles together. Running is such a social sport! I love it. It's fun to be able to chat with someone new about running and life. You could be in totally different places in your life, but you have the shared love of running.

I decided that I'm going to do the Colonial Half Marathon next month. I had wanted to do the Mardi Gras half, but just can't get down to New Orleans for the weekend. I had done the Colonial half a few years ago and even though it was a tough races (very hilly) I had a good time. The other nice thing about this race is that it's at 1pm on a Sunday so I can drive down to the Burg in the morning, run the race, grab some cheese shop for dinner and drive back home.

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