Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What NOT to do before you run

Do not watch a scary movie or tv show before you head out for a run by yourself.

I came home from work and turned on the tv to my favorite show, CSI. I was getting ready for a run with the pup but got sucked into the show. Of course that particular episode had to be about a serial killer/rapist. Yeah...great...just what you want to think about before you head out for a run. I ended up only doing 2 miles, a very fast two miles, with the running pup. It made me think about getting some of that runner's mace that just velcros right to your hand or water belt.

Info about the jogger's mace: Now Pepper Mace comes in a convenient Jogger Model, designed with a velcro-like strap to fit snugly around hand. Great for runners and walkers. 18 gram stream unit contains 10, one second bursts. Sprays 8-12 feet.

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