Sunday, January 14, 2007

Running Inspiration

Been working way too late to get in runs...BAD! But this article is a great story about different things that inspired runners in the PF Chang's Rock n Roll Marathon in Arizona. Anything from losing weight, raising money for a charity and qualifying for Boston.

There are 38,000 people running the full and half marathon! That's a HUGE race, but one I'd like to do at some point. If anything, you're never alone, but don't expect to get a fast time because you're always tripping over another runner. The gimmick that sets apart Rock n Roll races is that they have a band every mile, it's a great way to keep you distracted, though if it's a bad band at mile 20 it may not be too inspiring. I ran the Virginia beach half and the bands were good and fun for the runners, though they definitely put the better bands at the very beginning and the end. The organizers, Elite Racing, put on a number of great racers, but here are the other Rock n Roll Races:

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